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Spectra Prime Personal Loan


The Spectra – Spectra Prime Personal Loan guarantees loans of up to N5 million per transaction in just 5 minutes, all without documentation, collateral or office visits.

Spectra Prime lends you within 5 minutes without you even having to create a profile for it.

In order to meet your urgent business and personal needs, Spectra Prime helps you with financial assets, as well as cash deposits, savings, treasury bills and a variety of other investments that will not be exhausted but profitable.


Spectra Prime Personal Loan Benefits – Spectra Prime

Spectra Prime helps you realize the savings that will be used in unpredictable cases and protects you against rising interest rates.

It also guarantees a line of credit with your investments, aiding cash flow control and seasonal fluctuations, including low interest rates with no down payment requirements.

With corporate debt available on Spectra Prime you can easily approve credit, thereby reducing the total cost of the process.

If you are a business owner, Spectra Prime offers support for managing your business so that you reap the rewards and reach your business goals.


What is the “withdraw money” option on Spectra Prime Personal Loan?

This feature allows the customer to invest in fixed deposit savings which can be through NGN, EURO, USD and GBP for a maximum of one year.

Thus, you can apply for a Spectra Personal Loan corresponding to the desired investment term.

You can also invest and get a loan within 7 days to 1 year!

The Spectra Prime Personal Loan provides up to 80% of the investment amount (if you have N100 in your account you can borrow N80), taking into account a very low interest rate compared to the conventional rates that banks charge.


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How do I get a credit card from Spectra?

With Spectra credit card you can invest your money in fixed deposit using EURO, NGN, GBP and USD within a limit of 3 investments of three years each.

You can choose from four types of credit cards: Signature, Gold, Platinum or Classic.

In this way, Spectra allows up to 83% of the investment value to be borrowed, having a low interest rate compared to conventional banks.


New to Spectra? Learn more than you need to know

Entering Nigeria’s fastest online lending platform, the site takes you on a short tour of available services and interesting packages of Spectra Personal Loan.

As an online service, you can take care of your urgent business and personal business wherever you are.

Spectra’s main goal is to create a simplified and customer-friendly experience.

Spectra does not restrict clients and does not require guarantors for a loan to be approved and funds released, which are made less than 5 minutes after the process is completed.

In addition to the Spectra Prime package, which is the fastest resource release for individuals or businesses, Spectra has the following plans:

Spectra Xtreme – From salaried workers to business owners, everyone can get a maximum of 2 million Naira in a year without even having to create a profile, and the interest rate ranges from 26% to 30% per year.

Spectra Basic – Independent of the bank, this package is intended for salaried workers and entrepreneurs with Sterling Bank accounts. Spectra provides up to 5 million Naira with a 4-year maturity, with a payment date and flexible interest rate.


Spectra Allawee – Provides quick access to funds for cooperatives to expand their business.

Spectra Quick Cash – This model is offered up to 20,000 Naira and is open to everyone regardless of bank. The release of quick cash is assessed after consulting the individual’s reputation on social media and their transaction history.

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