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RapidCash Personal Loans – No Guarantee, No Red Tape and No Phone Calls


RapidCash Personal Loans can be applied for in five simple steps and completely online.

You must first sign up for the https://rapidcash.ng/web/ platform using your Twitter or Facebook account data.

You will then need to complete the registration with the information requested by the application form, and then you will need to choose a loan package that meets your financial needs.

Once an application for one of the RapidCash Personal Loans is approved, funds are received within 10 minutes.

To repay your loan you need to commit to making timely payments so you will also be able to access higher credit limits.


RapidCash Personal Loan Packages

The “bronze loan” is part of RapidCash Personal Loans and includes a value ranging from N 5,000 to N 10,000 with 30-day maturity and 30% interest rate.

The “silver loan” has values ​​ranging from N 10,001 to 20,000 with a 30-day repayment term and 30% interest rate.

The “gold loan” has N 20,001 to N 30,000, has a term of 30 days and the interest rate is also 30%.

Lastly there is the “platinum loan” where you can get from N 30,001 up to N 50,000 with 30% interest rate with a 30 day repayment term.


How Do RapidCash Personal Loans Work?

By signing up for the above platform you will get a social credit score, and the available loan options that will be open to you after you complete registration will be based on that social score.

After selecting the RapidCash Personal Loans package you prefer you will choose a social guarantor directly from your Twitter or Facebook friend list.

The information provided on the site will be reviewed by trained professionals and the decision is subsequently communicated.

Once approved, funds are released to your bank account within minutes of the approval and completion of the application process.


How much can be borrowed from RapidCash Personal Loans?

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The website system calculates a custom loan offer for you by determining the amount and duration of the repayment offer.

Of course it will vary by applicant, so you need to provide as accurate information as possible to receive the most ideal loan offer for your profile.


Why is the bank verification number (BVN) requested?

The BVN – Bank Verification Number is requested as a means of verifying that the applicant is the same person as the owner of the registered bank account.

As such, your data may not be used to obtain unauthorized loans if someone else has access to your account information.


More about Rapidcash

Rapidcash is a service that microfinance institution Vantage Stream Multitrust Ltd offers, which is properly regulated and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

If you consider the initial offer to be very low, be aware that it may vary in the future as the reliability grows between you and Rapidcash.

For the first request up to 5,000 NGN is granted, but it is also possible to obtain other types of loan more suited to your financial profile.

There is no need to present documents or guarantees to purchase Rapidcash Personal Loans, just log in from your smartphone or computer with a data connection and have a verified social networking account and a valid bank account.


Why do I need to provide a valid bank account?

The importance of detailing a bank account in your name serves to send funds more quickly and efficiently.

If you don’t know what your BVN is, dial * 565 * 0 # from the phone that is linked to your bank account.

The Rapidcash Personal Loans process is completed in a short period of time, where your information is reviewed for credit release.

The service can be accessed from anywhere in Nigeria, and if you have any questions, comments, complaints or questions, feel free to contact us via live chat on the web, by phone or through the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Medium

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