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Pennylender Personal Loans – Access to Credit at Lower Cost for Millions of Nigerians


With Pennylender Personal Loans you can access credit at the lowest cost in Nigeria (which other lenders will not be able to meet!).

Registration is simply and entirely online, via a form and upload of the required scanned documentation so that the credit falls into your bank account.


The documents required to obtain one of Pennylender Personal Loans are:

Valid identification documents such as international passport, permanent voter card, driver’s license or national ID card;

  • A light bill;
  • A passport photo;
  • Bank statement of at least 3 months;
  • Letter of promotion, employment or contract revision;
  • Utility account.
  • Pennylender Personal Loan Benefits

Pennylender offers a number of benefits to its clients, which include lower interest rates in the financial market and higher loan value by earning points in the Penny Pyramid.

Earning points in the Penny Pyramid is hassle free and totally convenient since the things you need to do are pretty much simplified.

Making immediate payments, taking Pennylender courses, referring a customer, and telling you about your social networking experience are among the actions to be taken to earn points in the pyramid.


Pennylender Personal Loans Promotions & Products

To activate promotions simply apply a promotional code and take advantage of a courier offer.

Pennylender products have been carefully designed to meet the financial needs of many Nigerians.

You can for example, apply online for the single payment loan and have the money in your bank account quickly, ranging from N 10,000 to N 50,000.

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Already in the loan installment you can earn up to N 500,000 in your bank account when applying online and a payment of equal installments.

What’s more, the financial literacy quiz is designed to make you financially smarter, it gives you access to free online quizzes, and you can earn points to roll back on future discounts at higher rates, as well as the amount of loans.


Ask your questions about Pennylender Personal Loans

The interest rate applied to prices is fair and risk based; To qualify for one of the Pennylender Personal Loans you must be in paid employment, 18 to 55 years of age, have an active salary account and are required to reside in the Lagos region.

In addition to applying online, you may wish to contact Pennylender employees at 09060002346.

It is not possible to make only part of the repayment of your loan once this is at stake, you must notify Pennylender about the restructuring so that the appropriate fees will apply.

If you want to prepay your outstanding loan you will have no additional cost to do so.

If you want to apply for another loan after you have fully paid the last one, you can apply immediately for the next one.

Payment is made via direct debit or deduction at source, where employers make the payment directly.

If you fail to repay the loan, there is a default penalty of 1% of the installment amount considered for each day of default.

Default is filed within 30 days of non-payment, and charges are filed with your employer and three credit bureaus.

If your employer payment date is changed by the employer, you can change the payment day with Pennylender.

For more information about Pennylender Personal Loans, contact staff within business hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

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