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FINT Personal Loan


The FINT Personal Loan fosters attainable access to at least attractive investments and loans.

FINT connects lenders seeking captivating returns to borrowers looking for well-priced loans.

Did You Know You Entrepreneur Can Grant A FINT Personal Loan To Your Employees?

That’s right, you can add more value to your employees by offering an affordable FINT Personal Loan.

This keeps your cash flow stable and earns lifetime referral rates for borrowers.


How FINT Personal Loan Works

You can borrow amounts ranging from N 2,000 to N 2,000,000 within a fixed repayment term of 1 to 12 months.

You can access a FINT Personal Loan for both you and your co-workers, all entitled to monthly interest.

Whether it is to pay rent, pay medical bills, expand your business, pay for your children’s education or utilities, the FINT Personal Loan can serve as a great ally when you register your company with the FINT Employment model.

FINT helps properly accredited financial lenders raise debt capital to settle in the borrower community, either online or traditionally.


FINT Personal Loan – Secure and With Great Financial Return

All FINT loans are secured thanks to the partnership maintained with Old Mutual Insurance, which designed the largest insurance package tailored to each borrower.

Mutual insurance covers all sides of the business, providing coverage in cases of job loss, permanent disability and death.

FINT takes the issue of trust very seriously, so it is committed to protecting your account through the highest security standards.


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FINT Personal Loan – You Secured And Peaceful

All financial data provided to FINT is confidential, the company uses built-in fraud management.

The service is accessible by all means: you can be answered promptly online or by phone.

With the support of the most renowned investment banks and the Advisory Board of industry leaders, FINT prioritizes its lenders.

If you want positive net returns, consider lending your money on multiple loans with FINT.


FINT Personal Loan – Why Lend With FINT

You can earn up to 39% of returns by estimating your portfolio on any of your products to earn you returns over a 1-3 year period.

You will be able to receive monthly payments while watching your investments grow at the fastest rate in the entire market.

Don’t worry about the value of the investment, you can invest up to less than N 5,000 with a minimum 26% return over 1 to 12 months.


What are the best returns on the market?

Alternative investments are on the rise in the financial market and you can get financing loans in various sectors.

You can for example get 2% lifetime commission by consulting lenders, and thus increase your sources of income.

Explore all possible investments to earn monthly returns, such as:

  • Agriculture – agricultural opportunities
  • Asset Backed – Asset Secured Loans
  • Government – lends to the government and its employees
  • Insurance – Lend to individuals who need loans for insurance
  • Power – Fast Returns on Electricity Loans
  • Real Estate – for those who want to own a noble property
  • Employment Model – Lending to Employees of Verified Companies
  • Mobile Money – Improve Financial Inclusion (New!)

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